Where Old Meets New

Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities in the world that sits in one of the most enchanting countries in the world, Japan. Admiration for the Japanese people and their culture is never in short supply. The sense of community, perfection, cleanliness, and honour is something one must experience for themselves in order to fully appreciate.

Tokyo itself is a sprawling metropolis that is difficult to characterize. Despite its modernity and size, it expresses a cultural purity and integrity that makes it a truly magical destination to visit. Tokyo is undoubtedly a business capital – one that sits at the pinnacle of the modern business and technological world whilst continuously paying homage to millennia of cultural tradition.

Tokyo is a uniquely stylish and fashionable city that has a vibe different from any other major world city. It is cool. It is futuristic. It is business. It is familiar. It is modern. It is history. It is a living breathing monument to a fascinating culture.

Tokyo Aviator Sunglasses Model Design Story

The Tokyo Model Aviator Sunglasses is defined by ice-steel blue reflective polarized lenses encased in a gold frame. The design captures the perfect mix of technological modernity within a classical frame. These sunglasses  reflect a timeless styling – much like their inspirational city.