St. Barth | St. Barthelemy FWI

The Gilded Paradise

St. Barth had to be included as a design inspiration because it served as my island home for many years. Beyond the wonderful memories of island living, St. Barth represents an inimitable freedom of spirit.

St. Barth exudes a security, safety, and peace that is unmatched virtually anywhere in the world. Its natural gifts in the form of warm weather, golden beaches, and breath-taking vistas strike you the moment you move into final approach to landing at Gustav III airport in St. Jean.

St. Barth is adorned by beautiful beaches, home to some of the world’s finest hotels, and blessed with many of the greatest restaurants and culinary experiences in the western hemisphere.

St. Barth Aviator Sunglasses Model Design Story

In many ways, the IHANA Lifestyle is the St. Barth Lifestyle. The St. Barth Model’s gold frames and gold-reflective polarized lenses, which augment vision with a pink hue from the viewer’s perspective, convey a bright, optimistic, sporty, sensual, and stylish look and feel.