The Garden City

Singapore’s success is an example of governance and vision. This city state is a model of perfection, efficiency, and resilience. From sheer force of will and inspired leadership Singapore has evolved into at once a green city, a technological marvel, a cultural mixing pot, and arguably one of the most successful and active international business centres on the planet.

The Garden City moniker belies a fiercely competitive and perfectionist society that has successfully adopted a green aesthetically pleasing ethos in ways most other cities can only theorize about. The global business executive knows Singapore. The Ultra High Net Worth Individual knows Singapore.

Singapore Aviator Sunglasses Model Design Story

Our Singapore Model Aviator Sunglasses borrow from the efficient and green aesthetic of The Garden City.  This is the business person’s classic aviator. The Singapore Model has a gold frame complemented by an understated non-reflective black polarized lens that views as dark-grey to the wearer.