The Eternal City

Rome has a special place in its importance in the IHANA Lifestyle journey.  It is in Roma, Italia, at the foot of the Spanish Steps, that this entire mission of creating the world’s most elegant, luxurious, classic, and iconic Aviator Sunglasses brand was born.

This happened in Rome for a reason – Rome, in the view of many – is the birthplace of modern western civilization to which the world owes so much. It has inspired some of mankind’s most incredible architectural feats and works of art. It is impossible to experience Rome without leaving inspired.

That hot August summer when the IHANA Lifestyle brand was born, the colour red was dominant – visible in the brick walls of the ancient city. Red and Gold – the colours of majesty; the colours of empire; and now the colours of the Rome Model IHANA Lifestyle Aviators.

Rome Aviator Sunglasses Model Design Story

The red reflective polarized lens provides a pleasing and uplifting crystal-clear reddish tint to the wearer. Mounted in a gold metallic frame, the Rome Model’s design is as captivating and eternal as the great city which inspired its creation.