Quality Testing Prototyping our Lenses | IHANA Lifestyle Luxury Sunglasses

Quality, Testing and Prototyping

Three Years of Trial and Error

Our first prototypes, designed on paper, were created in August 2017 in Rome, Italy. From there we entertained meetings with designers and technical experts to establish exactly what type of sunglasses and materials we would want for our first and subsequent models.

With each prototype’s iteration we required changes in the material, the frame size, the lens material, design accents and more.

The process from start to our first saleable product was three years. We needed to test the materials under extreme temperatures, variations in humidity, travel conditions, and more.

It was truly an exercise in trial and frustrating error. But the journey is a never ending one.

From Start to Striving for Perfection

We literally flew throughout Europe and Asia to finalize the design, materials, lenses, finishing and processes needed to develop our IHANA Lifestyle Aviator Sunglasses. The pandemic of 2020 has made everything more difficult impacting supply chains out of Italy, China, Ireland, and Japan.

When making a luxury product the materials matter. The most important issue we faced was making sure the product we made would maintain its quality over time – ensuring purchasers would be both satisfied and pleased with their investments for years to come.

Thankfully, our artisanal approach to design, development, and manufacturing means that we are quick to adapt and we are under no particular pressure since we are not a volume mass-manufacturer.

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

Our manufacturing and design process is one which assumes an ethos of continuous improvement. We already have model variations in the lab which will further leverage new materials and more modern technologies in producing different models of our sunglasses.

Whilst our focus in the short term will remain the classic aviator style sunglasses, we have come to learn that through variations in materials, lens types, and more, we are able to further render the aviator sunglasses experience a more unique one – allowing the wearer to express their personality through their sunglasses in their own unique way.

Through it all, as improvements in manufacturing process and material integrity come online, so too will they be passed on immediately to our production processes ensuring that customers will get the best we have to offer as soon as it has been tested, approved, and implemented.