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Luxury Accessories

Protecting and Accessorising Your Sunglasses There is more to IHANA Lifestyle Aviator Sunglasses than just the sunglasses! We wanted to make sure you have everything you need to care for and protect your investment. That is why we designed luxury accessories to accompany your order. With each new sunglasses order we ship: An IHANA Lifestyle…
Quality Testing Prototyping our Lenses | IHANA Lifestyle Luxury Sunglasses

Quality, Testing and Prototyping

Three Years of Trial and Error Our first prototypes, designed on paper, were created in August 2017 in Rome, Italy. From there we entertained meetings with designers and technical experts to establish exactly what type of sunglasses and materials we would want for our first and subsequent models. With each prototype’s iteration we required changes…
Marketing Approach - Emilia Tuukkanen | IHANA Lifestyle Luxury Sunglasses

Our Marketing Approach

Authenticity, Simplicity, Intimacy Authenticity I have always had an appreciation for authenticity in marketing – especially in this age of Instagram and Influencers. Virtually every image we see online is run through some sort of filter or photo retouching exercise. I believe this is inauthentic. Real beauty exists. Real is beauty. Authentic is beautiful. It…
Certificate of Authenticity | IHANA Lifestyle Luxury Sunglasses

Certificate of Authenticity

The IHANA Lifestyle Certificate of Authenticity is not only an elegant representation of our brand and your purchase, but a tool that implements our cutting edge authenticity and validation system…