The Jet Set Paradise

Monaco’s very name is a brand in and of itself. Princesses and Princes. yachts, Formula One car racing, gambling, baccarat, James Bond, elegance.  All of these terms describe the Principality accurately.  Monaco is where Europe and the world’s elite congregate to revel in luxury and enjoy the best quality has to offer.

Monaco is enchanting – during the long Mediterranean summers, the Monegasque vibe is unmistakable. From the people to the cars, the very best in haute couture and luxury accoutrements are found here.  Good taste, elegance, and sophistication all seem to reside permanently in Monaco.

Monaco Aviator Sunglasses Model Design Story

Our Monaco Model Aviator Sunglasses capture the essence of Monaco with their gold frame and gold reflective polarized lenses. The gold emphasis represents the day-time golden shimmer of the sun reflecting off the warm Mediterranean yacht-filled waters unto the distinctive buildings of the city-state.