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Our Marketing Approach

Authenticity, Simplicity, Intimacy


I have always had an appreciation for authenticity in marketing – especially in this age of Instagram and Influencers.

Virtually every image we see online is run through some sort of filter or photo retouching exercise. I believe this is inauthentic. Real beauty exists. Real is beauty. Authentic is beautiful.

It is challenging to launch a Luxury Sunglasses brand during a global pandemic. It is even more challenging to launch a luxury brand in a marketplace dominated by multinational corporations with global manufacturing operations and slick massive marketing budgets to match.

Every image photoshopped. Every accessory photo-shoot staged. Every blemish airbrushed. Every influencer post filtered.

Our commitment to authenticity means we do things the way we feel they should be done. We do things in such a way that what you see is what you get. Our goal is to make the quality of our product replicate the quality of a touched up image – as opposed to using artificial means to augment the quality of our product.

This philosophy also extends to our models, our influencer team that we refer to as our Global Ambassadors. We know that you want to see real people – not fictitiously filtered and excessively retouched animated renditions of them.

We want you to know us and our products by our imagery. We want you to know that what you see is what you will receive.

Unlike so much of the online world, our focus is on portraying our products and the IHANA Lifestyle realistically.


Our products will appear in natural environments, we stage shots in ways that show our Sunglasses on real people or in real places in real life. Our goal is to highlight the design and style, as well as the fantastic locations in which our products are shot.

The people who feature our products are selected because of their look, their lifestyle, their elegance, their following, and their authenticity. The same principles will apply – authenticity, simplicity, and intimacy.

Our philosophy? Simple is beautiful.


Our goal is for you to get to know our ambassadors and models. Photoshoots are conducted in series and designed to capture the emotion and style of the moment. Each shoot representing a visual package or project communicating the essence of the IHANA Lifestyle.

We are excited to embark on this journey where you will hopefully get to know more about us and we in turn will learn more about you.

Sunglasses are our art. We look forward to sharing our art and life’s work with you.

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