Inspired by Travel

I have had the great fortune to travel and live in some pretty extraordinary places. In these places I have experienced some of the world’s great luxury hotels and legendary resorts.  My business travel has taken me to many of the world’s capitals of commerce.

Every destination exudes a unique character. This uniqueness inspired my soul – energized my creativity. Travel makes me see the best of people and their cultures. It recharges me. It allows me to see the connection between all mankind as one human family.

Travel was integral to the conception of my sunglasses.  Through travel I sources the materials needed to make my sunglasses; and most importantly, many trips inspired the colour schemes, and material choices for specific models of IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses.

When I arrive in a city, tour, and meet its people – I feel its energy. The vibe of its history and ancestors seems to rejuvenate and heighten my awareness. Rome is the city that inspired the IHANA Lifestyle concept of luxury sunglass design. Rome is called The Eternal City for good reason. My most cherished memories come from Rome. The times I have spent there with friends and family bring a smile to my spirit .

It is fitting that the IHANA Lifestyle brand was conceived there in the summer of 2017 whilst exploring the haute couture and designer shops in the Piazza de Spagna region with family in August 2017.

The design inspirations for each model of IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses comes from some of the most remarkable cities in the world that I have visited:

Each of these destinations has an IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses design inspiration story I am happy to share with you…