A note from our founder …

The IHANA Lifestyle brand is an artisanal undertaking that personifies my focus on quality, artistry, intimacy and style.

I look forward to providing you with a classically unique sunglasses experience.

Welcome to IHANA Lifestyle.

Poku, October 2020 | Rio de Janeiro Model Aviators

I have had a love affair with Aviator style sunglasses since childhood. As a young nerdy boy living in rural francophone Canada, I’ll never forget the photos of my favourite stars in magazines wearing a pair of classic aviators. To me, that look was “confidence” defined.

Aviator Sunglasses at that time in my life became an escape – an easy accessory that allowed a young boy to exude confidence whilst shrouding enough of the eyes from the public to inspire mystery.  I also felt, perhaps misguidedly, it was a strong enough look to inspire a “don’t mess with me” aura.

Ultimately, a classic pair of Aviator Sunglasses have always been iconic – “cool”. I am infatuated with them. Their styling, literally designed for pilots, navigators, and aviators, is timeless, elegant, and functional. Aviator Sunglasses are perfectly designed to be worn with equal stylish effect by both men and women; on a yacht or on the ski slopes; at a beach party or on the golf course; or during an outdoor business meeting. 

I have spent my career as a Management Consultant, Software Developer, Trust and Estate Manager, and Business Executive.  In many of these roles I worked for or serviced clients that dealt in the production and marketing of luxury products, brands, goods, or services.

One of the items in my life bucket-list was to create a luxury brand. Something that would be done purely for love of quality. Something that would be a form of artistic expression for me. Something that would stand the test of time. Having lived in St. Kitts and Nevis then St. Barth; and having spent considerable time in Gibraltar, Ghana, West Africa, and the Costa del Sol of Southern Spain – sunglasses have been a constant in my life for years.

To this day, nothing thrills me quite like having a pair of Aviator Sunglasses with their perfect lines, classic design, and special lenses which, in some instances, reinterpret my world into a bright, glare-free, and technicolour enhanced world.

And yet, whenever I needed a new pair, the search for my perfect Aviator Sunglasses would start anew. Consistency and quality was always lacking. Brands offered so many sunglasses design versions that my quest for the classic Aviator Sunglasses would be obfuscated. 

Years of searching, buying, ordering, often coupled with disappointment, inconsistency, and lack of quality led me to consider the unimaginable one warm August summer day in 2017 whilst perusing the luxury shops in the vicinity of the Piazza de Spagna in Roma, Italy: to design and produce the best quality and most exclusive family of Aviator Sunglasses.

IHANA Lifestyle was born.

Aviator Sunglasses are all we make. Classically designed and inspired. Our focus is on materials, quality, elegance, style, and engineering. I commit to creating a complete purchase package that will leave you feeling like you have made an investment in yourself, your eyes, and your future.

I design the frames, accessories, and packaging of all the sunglasses we ship. I coordinate and participate in the assembly, and finishing of each pair we ship. I hand inspect and approve every order that is shipped. This is not a volume operation. This is my art. My labour of love. My artistic and creative legacy. My focus is to make the best sunglasses using the best materials inspired by the world’s most fascinating locations and my most memorable experiences.

I stage and photograph the IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses and accessories. I research new designs, materials, and lenses to use in future versions of our sunglasses.

Lastly, I work with our social media team to develop content and marketing plans for our social media channels.  I also work with our team to identify and build out a team of Country Ambassadors.

The IHANA Lifestyle brand is an artisanal undertaking that personifies my focus on quality, artistry, and intimacy.

Welcome to IHANA Lifestyle.

My name is Poku Forson and I hope you derive as much pleasure wearing my sunglasses as much as I have creating them.

Poku Forson, MBA