Certificate of Authenticity | IHANA Lifestyle Luxury Sunglasses

Certificate of Authenticity

Protecting Our Brand | Safeguarding Your Investment

Your Certificate of Authenticity card is a stylish metal card that validates your investment. The number is unique to you and your purchase. That number is forever assigned to your specific purchase and is unique to both your order and your product.

Should you choose to sell or gift your purchase to someone else, like a work of art, the provenance of your IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses will always be maintained and preserved within the validation system.

This system assures your IHANA Lifestyle Sunglasses are original items to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones for generations to come.

The card and it’s number are paired to you, your order, and your glasses.

The online system will provide you with an ongoing record of your product, your order, and your product. Using our validation system it is easy to check the authenticity of your purchase.

The important thing to remember is that with your purchase of IHANA Lifestyle sunglasses, you belong to an elite and exclusive group of discerning owners.

Your card authenticates this membership.

Welcome to the IHANA Lifestyle.

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